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Faction Philosophy

"The most completely politically minded of the factions of Sigil, and their philosophy seems to be geared completely towards politics: what they can take, is there's. The multiverse lies out there, ripe for the taking... or grabbing, as it would be. The Fated basically believes that what can be taken... should. That makes them a right lovable bunch of sods in Sigil, and since they've taken it upon themselves to become the city's tax collectors... well then, let's just say that their duties just make them all the more beloved by the populace of Sigil.

"The reason that the Fated are so soddin' much of a pain is the fact that they take every opportunity they can to try and wipe the Sensates out of existence. Seems there's some sort of tiff between their factols. Suppose Montgomery sees the Fated in the same light as the rest of the city, and it's a good thing that she's there: otherwise the Fated might organize a voting bloc within the Hall of Speakers with the other factions that they've bullied into submission and tax the city into the ground. Mark my words, the only thing stopping Duke Rowan Darkwood of picking this city clean in Erin and the Sensates. We can be thankful for that."

"Yeah, I'm a Taker, what of it? There's power in taking. Much more than there is in sitting around and being lazy. Frankly, I believe that all that is exists for me to take. If I have the strength, the force of will, and the drive to take and keep it, then it's mine. We clear with that? And if I have the authority and the muscle to tax your soddin' kip into the ground so I can buy it at a low price, then I can do that too. We clear on things?"

"The way I see it, being a member of the Fated is like realizing your potential. The multiverse is at your fingertips... you just have to reach out and take it. You can take without harming, without hurting other people, but it's all there, ripe for the taking. Grab it, embrace it, hold it close, and realize that there's an infinite amount more for you to take."

Faction Overview

In Sigil, there are some groups dedicated to belief. They speak what they say with a pride and joy in their hearts, and they sing their beliefs from their mouths with a fire in their mind. They know what they believe, and they don't care about anything other than their beliefs.

And then there are the Fated.

Once a sedate group that levied the taxes of Sigil fairly and took what they thought they had rightfully earned, their entire group was shattered by, typically enough, a Prime. Sure, there were the bad eggs within the group, the heartless Takers that levied the taxes on the innocent and broke hearts everywhere were not in the majority. They were led by Emma Oakright, a kindly old woman who led the Takers with a somewhat neutral viewpoint... well, let's just say that she didn't believe that Sigil should be taken into the ground. Then, from an unknown past in the Prime Material Plane and with a fire in his belly, the current factol of the Fated, "Duke" Rowan Darkwood arrived and changed the city forever.

He had a scar on his face, over his right eye, "Duke" Rowan Darkwood got right to work, and somehow managed to rise to the status of factol in less than a month. It's rumored that he's got some sort of fallen angel on his side that searches for deeply hidden darks, and that somehow he was able to find a deeply hidden dark on the kindly dwarf Emma Oakright... one that "convinced" her to step down from her position and announce Darkwood as her successor. "Blackmail?", some whisper. Others declare it boldly, and others defend the Duke... if he has gotten his position and is able to hold it, then he obviously deserves to keep it, for a little longer at least.

The Fated are the tax collectors of Sigil, levying taxes as they see fit (and as they can shove through the Hall of Speakers) and basically attempting to squeeze every gold coin that they can from the Sensates and tax the little pleasure-seekers (as well as their meddling interloper of a leader, Erin Montgomery). A personal rivalry, yes, and how it started, nobody is sure. The Sensates are trying their best to create a political bloc and survive the encroachments of the Fated into their territory. The Fated control the taxes of Sigil from the Hall of Records, which used to be some sort of academy before the Fated apparently taxed them out of existence and bought the land cheap. In the Hall of Records, there is data on almost everyone in the city of Sigil... information that would be more than enough to blackmail almost anyone they wanted.

What really complicates things is the fact that Darkwood has managed to somehow charm the Factol of the Mercykillers, Factol Nilesia. This ensures, as the law factions vote together, that the Fated have a considerable backing in the hall of Speakers. However, what's most interesting is the relationship between Darkwood and the factol of the Mercykillers, Nilesia. Only but a nineteen-year old girl, Nilesia is still one of the most cruel beings in Sigil. However, somehow Darkwood's managed to get her wrapped around his finger. Who knows? Promises of marriage, of the family life that she never knew while growing up in the Prison? In exchange for... what? Loyal troops, when the time comes?

And the time will come. Only two questions remain: when? And the second should be quite obvious... what will Her Serenity do?

Faction Life

The Fated, believing that they deserve anything that they can pry out of anyone else's hands, fall in quickly with the street thugs. If they can make you drop your purse, then it's theirs. These are the bullies of Sigil that hang out in the Hive and Lower Wards, and while they're very rarely full members of the faction, nobody's going to stop them; least of all Factol "Duke" Rowan Darkwood.

Some of them take it upon themselves to rack their brains for information throughout Sigil: the more information that they can find, the more useful they are, and the more that they can use their knowledge. There are some that serves as spies for Factol Darkwood, digging their way into other factions and procuring information for use by the Fated - usually for such basic desires as extortion, blackmail, and information selling.

Lastly, there are the tax collectors. Some would claim them to be just as bad as the street thugs that beat down old women for their jink, and for the most part, they'd be right. The tax-collectors enjoy their work: they go from play to place, squeezing money out of the poor and destitute under the premise of "law". If they can't pay their taxes - well, we can't have that, can we? Eviction. However, tax collectors still have to remember that they operate within the laws of a system: if they get too greedy, they'll find themselves in trouble with the Fraternity of Order. Or they'll be bludgeoned to death by an irate victim of their evictions, which is just another reason to have hired muscle around.


The Fated are allied with the Mercykillers because of the strange romance between the two leaders. However, there is suspicion on both sides: the Fated don't trust the violence of the Mercykillers and the Mercykillers think (rightfully so) that Darkwood is playing Nilesia for a fool.

The Fated admires the determined nature of the Free League, and sees their struggle as what will determine whether they're allowed to survive on Sigil or whether they'll lack the will to continue fighting.


As a general rule, the Sensates and their allies (the Sign of One, in particular), distrust the Fated completely. The Sensates attempt to struggle to survive, while the Sign of One actually moves to aid their introverted brethren in the Hall of Speakers.

The Harmonium distrust the Fated, seeing Darkwood as obviously getting too big for his boots. However, they do not want to break away from the Mercykillers: if the law-based factions cannot be united, who can?