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Faction Philosophy

"I am the Center of the Multiverse. As I look out, it revolves around me, spinning with me at the center of it, wherever I stand. All that happens happens because I imagine it... Life is a dream, and Sigil is the most lush and beautiful dream I've had the pleasure of dreaming as of yet. Outside my view, nothing really happens, I just imagine the effects and when it suits me, I find out about them. You? You're just an illusion conjured up by me... perhaps you represent my inquisitive nature, you soddin' Clueless. I'm better than everyone around me because I am the center of the multiverse, and you're not. Got that? There is no free will outside of what I will you to do, and nothing happens without me knowing it and approving it. I am the Sign of One."

"The multiverse is fashioned on belief. Entire planes, layers, cities shift because of belief. Where someone stands determines their perspective, their outlook, their view. I stand at my center of the multiverse. You stand at your center of the multiverse. They are different worlds that overlap and intersect with one another. The Sign of One superimposes our will as a group over the collective personal multiverses of the rest of the being in existence. We stand and fall as a group. We are the Dreamers, imagining our own personal multiverses and creating a single reality for the multiverse. We are the Sign of One. What we imagine becomes real."

"The Multiverse is a complex tapestry of people, places
and lives, and I am the loom."

- A Signer.

"The multiverse is such a cruel place, don't you think? I think it would be such a better place if it was filled with roses. When we've filled the places with roses through our powers of imagination, then every place will be happy and there will be no more hatred in the world."

"We will resurrect the fallen powers of old. Not because we believe in their tenants, but because we shall prove our power to the multiverse. Never again will they doubt the power of the Sign of One or the fact that we imagined the Beginning, create the reality of Now, and are destined to imagine the Ending to All."

Faction Overview

A thousand voices, a thousand psyches, a thousand personal multiverses, a thousand overly-inflated egos: these are the Sign of One. Fragmented and splintered almost beyond recognition, the Sign of One is a group that where each member imagines themselves as the center of the multiverse. Some believe that each person has a personal multiverse, but others believe that it is they who control the multiverse. They each think in some way that the multiverse is imagined, whether or not it is imagined by each person or one in particular. Some of the more "diplomatic" members of the Sign of One believe only in the power of belief and its effect on the multiverse. However, the majority of the faction is a bunch of egocentric and arrogant people that believe themselves superior to anyone else.

Because of this attitude, the Sign of One is the most splintered factions in Sigil. It's member polarize themselves into different groups that each believes that it should turn its abilities to one task or another. Some believe that they should attempt to fill the multiverse with roses, some imagine good weather in Sigil, but the most prominent, most controversial, and (some would say) most evil of the groups is the Will of One, a group determined towards the ultimate aim of resurrecting a dead god... Aoskar, in particular. Because of their beliefs, they find no friends in Sigil outside their own sect, and their methods aren't much to suggest that their true nature is any different from their reputation. They aren't sanctioned by the factol in any sense, but that doesn't stop them: the factol's usually too busy as Head Speaker in the Hall of Speakers to police her own.

In Sigil, the Sign of One makes its headquarters in the Hall of Speakers, where they work to align the personal multiverses of each faction together to make Sigil a peaceful and imaginative place. To the Signers (as they are often called), the death of imagination and creativity is the worst thing possible. Their factol is Factol Darius, a former healer that learned the true power of self and now serves as leader of the Sign of One. She does her level best to keep the various personal multiverses of her faction together, but it's a trying proposition at best, because the Signers are all a bunch of individualists. Not any easy task.

Advancement in the Sign of One is based on an ability to shape the multiverse: major predictions are made every once in a while by members looking to advance in rank, and if they are able to shape the multiverse in such a way, then they are promoted in the faction. These are major predictions, not something along the lines of "It will rain tomorrow."

Currently, the Sign of One is debating how to show its power. The commonly accepted plan throughout the faction is to resurrect a dead power, whether that be Enki, Aoskar, or another unnamed and forgotten power. The most militant of those determined to bring Aoskar back from the grave have organized into a splinter group called the Will of One.

Faction Life

The Sign of One, being a loose group, tends to attract people who do everything. Some are warriors, some are scholars. However, a few occupations tend to stick out from the rest. One of the most common jobs that a Signer has is to join groups to concentrate on a particular goal. They usually end up sitting in a room with at least three other members of the Sign of One, their minds focused on one particular outcome out of an infinite number of possibilities. Sometimes these ends are for good, like the Rosebringers: a group dedicated to the foolish aim of filling the multiverse with the smell of roses. Others concentrate on the urn filled with the ashes of the Signer's founder: if he were to suddenly vanish from existence, the Signers themselves would cease to exist!

Other members of the Sign of One go to the route of helping other people recognize the truths of the multiverse: that they are the center of all. They'll serve as advocates in the courts, claiming to bring victory through thought alone. They'll serve as diplomats to other factions, intent on showing other groups that they're the centers of the multiverse. Others teach others about the self-evident truths: that they're centers of the multiverse. By now, a theme should be evident. No matter what the members of the Sign of One do, it's usually to convince other people that they imagine all. Some would seek this for more benevolent reasons than one might think: to help others realize their own potential within the multiverse. Others seek to use this knowledge to lord over their fellow man.


The Sign of One gets along with the Transcendent Order, even thought the Sign of One is devoted to thought and the Transcendent Order is devoted to the lack thereof. Both factions are actually very similar: both are devoted to introspection. And the Transcendent Order respects what the Sign of One attempts to do in Sigil by running the hall of Speakers.

For some reason, the Baatezu are somehow aligned with the Signers. It's unknown exactly why, but its rare to see a Baatezu attacking a member of the Sign of One... the Baatezu seem to grant them a sort of respect. The Sign of One doesn't seem to acknowledge a treaty of any sort, since almost without exception ever one of their members has a different opinion.

The Harmonium distrusts the Sign of One because of their propensity towards arrogant egocentrism, but they give them a grudging respect because they run the Hall of Speakers. Of course, that's not to say that they don't want to run the place themselves, but for the time being, they'll acknowledge the work of the Sign of One in making the place work.

The Believers of the Source and the Sign of One get along very well, probably because the Godsmen believe that they one day can become deities, and the Sign of One veritably believes that they are deities!


The Athar distrusts the current plan of the Sign of One, and most of all hates the Will of One. The idea of resurrecting dead 'powers' is blasphemous to their beliefs, and they'll do anything to make sure that the Sign of One doesn't actually succeed in their misguided efforts to resurrect a dead god. Slaying one would do nicely.

The Bleak Cabal hates the Sign of One. This goes back all the way to when the Sign of One announced that they had set up teams focused on imagining a factol of the Bleak Cabal to death. The bitterness has never ended. Also, their beliefs are opposed: while the Sign of One believes in imagination and creativity, the Bleakers believe in despair and the death of